The Jarratts are creative. innovative. inspirational.

A family that thinks outside the box and places an emphasis on being yourself and being proud of who you are.

"The Jarratts have never been part of the flock" -  NZ Life & Leisure -  approached Peter and Ellen looking for an inspirational story to share. they found it!

Our Story

Since setting up our Art School 'Jarratt Create & Educate', we have taught over one thousand children and now in its 9th year, we also coach corporate organisations in adopting a more creative approach. To think, feel and then do! Skills in which our students find second nature.

We are preparing our young people for some careers that do not even yet exist.  Therefore we need to rethink our approach.  Pete and I believe in thinking less about the career and more about preparing the individual person.

We achieve this through activities that push the comfort zone, encourage risk taking, build self esteem, develop creative thinking and demonstrate the importance of presenting yourself to the world.  We are all about providing a safe environment, which is fun, multi- sensory and supportive so every child has the opportunity to grow, no matter where they are in the world. 

Why we did what we did?

A business coach, an artist and a dyslexic 6 year old... 

"Think of a way of getting to the moon?"-  School Teacher

"Oh, I would ride a magical unicorn". -  Bo aged 6

"Oh no, it has to be real: you would need some kind of spaceship!" -  School Teacher

Over the years from working with multinational organisations, to schools and universities we've been hearing and seeing the same thing over and over again.

Businesses are not looking for people who just hold a piece of paper in their hands, but for the 'out of the box' creative thinkers. Confident problem solvers, with high self-esteem, strong belief and a passion for what they do. All of the things inside of each of us but which are not always recognised, valued nor developed.  After the arrival of our first daughter Bo, we knew things had to change.

Enter our daughter Bo (now aged 14)

An amazing strength of character, with strong values that are used to guide and help others and herself to take on new challenges. She runs her own theatre company, teaches young children, features on international podcasts and has a clear purpose for her future and how she is going to get there.

Extremely creative with outstanding emotional intelligence.  Uses humour and empathy to win the trust of others whilst staying true to her own convictions. A true performer, whole heartedly able to deliver.  Thinking of others before herself and the best friend you will ever have.

Hard to believe that at the age 4 we were asked to have Bo tested for her sight, hearing and comprehension and at school by the age of 6 we were being told she needed to "real in her imagination".  The actual fact was she was a child that didn't fit the system. (we later learnt it was the system that didn't fit her!).

Equipped with a background in business and creative education we began our mission for Bo, but soon realised there was a world filled with others just like Bo. Since launching our Jarratts online Arts Engagement Programmes we continue our amazing journey, delighted to be sharing it with the rest of the world!


"The actual fact was she was a child that didn't fit the system". 

-  We later learnt it was the system that didn't fit her!

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