The Jarratts are creative. innovative. inspirational.

A family that thinks outside the box and places an emphasis on being yourself and being proud of who you are.

"The Jarratts have never been part of the flock" -  NZ Life & Leisure -  approached Peter and Ellen looking for an inspirational story to share. they found it!

Who We Are

We began with the simple principle, "inspiring creative thinkers with the confidence to change their world."

As successful educators and concerned parents we champion the view that every child has natural talents that will always flourish if given the opportunity. Working alongside business start ups to multi-nationals, schools to universities, we understand that the 21st Century is bringing unique challenges for everyone. For young people that can adapt, innovate and believe in their own talents, a future of happiness and success awaits.

Since 2005 we have been fulfilling this mission by providing award winning creative projects to engage, challenge and inspire young people.  We work with children, families, schools and industry to provide creative challenges that foster creative kids.

"Our young people need to feel excited about what they are doing. For me this is the way education should be delivered". 

-  Sir Rick Stein OBE - Chef and Entrepreneur looking for ways in which young people can adopt more of a hands on approach to learning, whilst finding their passion.

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