The Jarratts are creative. innovative. inspirational.

A family that thinks outside the box and places an emphasis on being yourself and being proud of who you are.

"The Jarratts have never been part of the flock" -   NZ Life & Leisure -  approached Peter and Ellen looking for an inspirational story to share. they found it!

Our Story

Founded in the UK in 2000 and now based in New Zealand we bring two decades of passion, commitment and experience to the development of creative thinkers.

Our ultimate purpose is to, "inspire creative thinkers with the confidence to change their world." For people that can adapt, innovate and believe in their own talents, a future of happiness and success awaits.

We champion the view that everyone has natural talents that will always flourish if given the opportunity. Working alongside business start ups to multi-nationals, schools to universities, we understand that the 21st Century is bringing unique challenges for everyone. Since 2000 we have been fulfilling this mission by providing award winning creative projects to engage, challenge and inspire people.  We work with forward-thinking organisations, educators, parents and children, to provide creative solutions that stimulate and engage. 

We are preparing our young people for some careers that do not even yet exist.  Therefore we need to rethink our approach.  Pete and I believe in thinking less about the career and more about preparing the individual person.

We achieve this through activities that push the comfort zone, encourage risk taking, build self esteem, develop creative thinking and demonstrate the importance of presenting yourself to the world.  We are all about providing a safe environment, which is fun, multi- sensory and supportive so every child has the opportunity to grow, no matter where they are in the world. 

"We've learnt Jarratts is much more than a creative space - it's a growth school, a school of experiences for our children. If you are looking for opportunities to develop a whole range of skills and abilities in your child (self-confidence, courage, making public appearances etc..) send them to Jarratts".  Amber Parent & Councillor 



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