Real Art Studios for young people 

Experience the excellence of Jarratt Create and Educate. Real Art Studios for young people, aged 6-16, directed by international visual artists.

Providing young artists the resources, support, projects, coaching, and creative direction to create a fabulous exhibition. Join a small creative team for a 10-week visual arts project designed to bring out the best from your child.

It's Jarratts. Expect to be wow'd by talented, confident young people.

Every Term is About

  • Providing the space, resources and guidance to let your imagination and creativity soar
  • Encouraging self-expression to create something that reflects who you are as an individual
  • Professional guidance to develop your ideas into meaningful and successful projects
  • Gaining exposure to different methods and new techniques in various materials and styles
  • Inspiring you to perform your best and to create something you can feel proud of

"Awesome exhibition. Really blew me away. Thank you! Would love for Nina to come next term and according to her, she will be coming every term for the rest of her life, which is fine by me.

Amy Buske - Parent

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"Dreamweavers, finding the gift in every child.

NZ Life and Leisure Magazine

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