Dealing With A Child's Self Doubt

Sophie says "Your work is so good James,  I could never do something like that! "

The above type of statement is something we hear a lot from new students.  After 2-3 sessions this self doubt behaviour has gone and is replaced by self esteem. 

How does this work?

Tapping Into Inherent Creativity

Peter and Ellen Jarratt began their arts education project with the simple mission of ‘inspiring creative thinkers with the confidence to change their world’. From their base in Gisborne they offer a range of arts education resources to unleash student creativity all over New Zealand, writes MELISSA WASTNEY (NZ Education Gazette)


About Us

At Jarratts we believe that every child can build upon their natural talents, their confidence and their outlook to be the best they can be.  Join our blog to say what you think.