little black dot

Adventures of the Black Dot

"Look at this and tell me what you see?"    My short reply was ,  "I see space."

How would you answer? Most would describe a small black dot which has been left behind by a pen, or others may describe its exact location upon the page. Very few people see the space which surrounds it, the potential, the what if?  

If we spend too much time looking at our kids (and ourselves) as the black dot, focusing in only on what is directly in front of us and failing to see and strengthen the potential of everything else which surrounds us, we will never grow. 

Taking us on adventures that a little black 'dot' could only dream of.

We live in a world in which we are putting restrictions upon ourselves. We will only eat organic, no lactose, must do 3 forms of exercise a day in case at 40 we were to lose something that we once had. By restricting ourselves we are making our lives smaller and are becoming less open to change and the element of surprise. We are closing doors to the unexpected and when it does happen we are unsure how to deal with it.

When speaking with a friend he told me, "I drink black coffee at home because I don't like the milk in the fridge, when I was younger I drank it white with one sugar and when I'm in town I might drink either depending on my mood!" He chuckled, proud to say "I'm open to the 'what' might happen."

We are quick to take on board and are influenced by what other people say and suggest, but the least person we are making these changes for is ourselves.  As adults we have a lot to learn from creative kids, inspiring us to think differently, not always to fit in.  The amazing ability of seeing something new, even if it emerges  from a 'squiggle' on a page. 

It may not be the safest route but the unexpected is always the most EXCITING!  Taking us on adventures that a little black 'dot' could only dream of.




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