little black dot

Adventures of the Black Dot

Look at the image and tell me what you see?
What is your answer? Most would describe a small black and some may also describe its exact location upon the page. Very few people see the space which surrounds it, the potential, the what if? 

If we spend too much time looking at the black dot, focusing in only on what is directly in front of us, then we are failing to see the potential.  Our growth is in the potential.  

We live in a world of self-imposed restrictions.  We must eat healthily, exercise each day, make time to be grateful...... don't get me wrong these are intelligent life choices, but in our rush, for perfection, we may be missing something.  By restricting ourselves, we are making our lives smaller and are becoming less open to change and the element of surprise. We are closing doors to the unexpected, and when the unexpected does happen, we are unsure how to deal with it.

Speaking with an insightful yogi friend he once told me, "I drink black coffee at home because I don't like milk in the fridge, when I was younger I drank it white with one sugar and when I'm in town I might drink either, depending on my mood!" He chuckled, proud to say "I'm open to 'what' might happen."

We are a generation quick to take on new things and are influenced heavily by what other people say and suggest consciously or subconsciously.  We need to stop sometimes and observe our reactions and see if we are missing something.

When designing an educational experience, we deliberately throw elements of surprise into the mix.  It is an opportunity to think differently and provide a response that may not be the norm.  We want to inspire seeing something new, a new that may not fit in with the status quo. 

It may not be the safest route, but the unexpected is always the most EXCITING! Taking us on adventures that a little black 'dot' could only dream of.

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