Creativity Can Be Taught?

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not advocating we all study for a degree in Creativity.  Creativity is about action rather than study.  It’s about creating something; music, art, a business, a team.  Society has now given Creativity a fashionable label to attain and strive for, yet it is one of the most basic skills.  All that has happened is that we have done a mighty fine job over the past hundred years in knocking it out of us, hiding it and devaluing it.  Now Forbes has published Creativity as one of the most desired skills by industry it’s suddenly on everyone’s CV!

                                                           "Creativity is magical but there is no mystery to unlocking it."  

Everyone can learn techniques to make creativity happen.   For over a decade of teaching thousands of children and adults we have taken the same approach.  The only difference between children and adults is that all children crave a creative outlet whilst only some adults do.  This should be true for all adults but they will be less forthcoming and put on an incredibly believable façade denying this.  But it is only a façade as it’s just a case of connecting with imagination again. 

Teaching creativity is more about accepting your own creativity and having faith in it.  Individuals seen as being ‘more’ creative than others have developed a passion for it.  They have learnt to keep their pre frontal cortex in check and allow access to an addictive and precious ‘flow’ state.   This really is open to everyone.  You know yourself this is true because as a child it was a completely natural state!

This is why we will continue to teach techniques to allow creativity to happen.   Creativity is magical but there is no mystery to unlocking it.  

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