Top 5 for Teamwork

Involving teamwork in education design has become a cornerstone for us. Coming together provides the opportunity for special moments. There is a lot of talk about teamwork and high performing teams, but what are the key ingredients? Whether working with children or businesses, we have found the ingredients are the same.  

1. An absolute clear purpose. Not so much WHAT you are trying to achieve but more the reason WHY you are trying to achieve it. The whole team is emotionally attached to the purpose. We are not computers so logic will only get us so far. If everyone believes this is the right thing to do with their hearts and their heads, then you will have a successful team.

2. No-one is more important than the team.  Leadership shifts naturally between the group as each individual is totally valued for their ideas and input.

3. Trust is key. Being able to trust each other in knowing that you can express your feelings and ideas openly.

4. Make room for the quiet ones. The extroverts can often overtake teams. Over the years we've learnt that the quiet ones are the reflectors and analysers and often can see things others can't. Make sure they have their voice.

5. Celebrate! When you see an action that reflects the team purpose, then make sure that is celebrated. We often assume that people know how to work in teams. The reality is we need to see it modelled and feel the benefits. Celebrating small wins and big wins is the way to consolidate the new behaviours for the advantage of everybody. 

There are other factors such as diversity of thinking, clear communication and being well resourced but if we had to choose our Top 5 then these would be them

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