little black dot

Adventures of the Black Dot

Look at the image and tell me what you see?
What is your answer? Most would describe a small black and some may also describe its exact location upon the page. Very few people see the space which surrounds it, the potential, the what if? 

If we spend too much time looking at the black dot, focusing in only on what is directly in front of us, then we are failing to see the potential.  Our growth is in the potential.  

Have Fun With Virtues

A friend of ours popped in for a cup of tea and told us that he had just finished building a raised flower bed for Peter L Dixon, the scriptwriter for Little House on the Prairie and The Waltons.  Now not only was I a tad jealous of my friend having such a cool story but I also was amazed at the happenstance as on the kitchen side was Series 3 rented from the local library.


About Us

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