Introducing Randomness

“Look Dad it’s a giant hedgehog,” exclaims Lulu.  In front of us is a 3 metre high round rock with grass growing on top.  Within a 30 minute walk together we had discovered five magical creatures.  Not bad for a stroll on the beach!

I’m sure you’ve played this game lots with your children and friends that usually starts with a familiar looking cloud and ends with seeing leaping unicorns.   It’s a fun way for creative kids and adults to apply their imagination and just as importantly share the fun.

Go To

Who is your Go To?

In a busy workshop today I was working with one student whilst others were coming up to me asking, "Ellen, ellen, what do you think of my work?" And another " Ellen what can I do to improve it?" I replied to both of them, "hey,  just give me a minute whilst I finish talking here and whilst you are waiting why don't you ask someone else in the group what they think?"


Those who tell the stories, rule the world

“Those who tell the stories, rule the world” is a powerful quote that has stood the test of time from ancient Greece to the Tech age.

It's a magical thing to learn that you have the starring role in the greatest story of all.  We each possess a story of our very own.  How exciting is that!


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