Creativity Can Be Taught?

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not advocating we all study for a degree in Creativity.  Creativity is about action rather than study.  It’s about creating something; music, art, a business, a team.  Society has now given Creativity a fashionable label to attain and strive for, yet it is one of the most basic skills.  All that has happened is that we have done a mighty fine job over the past hundred years in knocking it out of us, hiding it and devaluing it.  Now Forbes has published Creativity as one of the most desired


Who's Pulling Your Strings?

Something very special happened when we designed a puppet experience for young people to explore personalities. 

There were mermaids, aliens, robots and creatures that you just cannot classify!  They were all brilliant but what was really entertaining to the audience were the characteristics given to their puppets.  Here's a few:

Creativity - Why You Should Jump In!

If you need evidence that creativity plays a crucial role then check out the research findings below:

"65% of today’s preschoolers will grow up to work in jobs that don’t exist yet -Forbes 2014

82% of professionals wished they had more exposure to creative thinking as students - Adobe Study 2013

For 7 out of 8 years creativity and innovation have been the top ranked strategic imperative - The Boston Consulting Group

Lets also not forget the purpose of our lives:


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