Creativity - Why You Should Jump In Today!

If you need more evidence that creativity plays a crucial role then check out the research findings below:

"65% of today’s preschoolers will grow up to work in jobs that don’t exist yet -Forbes 2014

82% of professionals wished they had more exposure to creative thinking as students - Adobe Study 2013

For 7 out of 8 years creativity and innovation have been the top ranked strategic imperative - The Boston Consulting Group


Lets also not forget the purpose of our lives:

Kids On Another Planet

At school I was called a daydreamer, off on another planet, easily distracted. Well you may think this was a little harsh but to me it was like receiving a compliment. Yes I was off on another planet, stretching my imagination, actioning my talents, being curious, challenging myself and loving every minute! 

Art Is Friendship

From the time children start school they have fully started the lifelong adventure of friendships. The hard thing for parents and teachers is that their control of friendships diminish with each growing year. So how do we make sure our children choose friends wisely? From our experience we feel children DO need help with social skills. In the early stages experimenting with friends is very important to the child. You may not be surprised that their choices won't always suit you! Opposites are often sought out.


About Us

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