Raise creative kids to be innovative and confident  - without having to leave home! 

"Remember a childhood filled with freedom to explore? Climbing tree's, swimming in rivers, building things out of stuff, sleeping under the stars, wondering what would happen if...? That's Jarratts. An environment where your kids can look at the world around them with wonder and excitement at what might be!" Gregor- Parent

We have a reputation for delivering practical, engaging experiences that inspire divergent thinking and the use of imagination.  Fun and engaging creative projects that guide kids through a design process, we give kids the chance to identify their strengths and expand upon them. 

Our online projects will spark the imaginations of the children, but the adults will enjoy them too.

Choose one or all of the Jarratts online projects: 


Wearable Creations

Create your own magical creature, born from your wild imagination!

This project takes recycled materials and turns them into mystical creatures of all shapes and sizes. By turning that household rubbish into art, your kids will learn the value of reusing and recycling and its importance to our environment. 

Our step-by-step design process guides kids from a simple idea all the way through to a wild wearable creation. Using plastic bottles, egg cartons and other household items, kids will create fantastical head pieces and full-body garments. The end of the project is a perfect time to put on a show and to display your creations to the world.

Among our students, the Wearable Creations project is a big hit. Follow our unique design process that shows kids how to break a goal into small tasks to create something really special. 


"These young children have so much to offer and with your guidance the room was alive!"  Sharon Allen - Parent of Hayley Allen 

Don’t just make your art -- wear it too! 


Radical Recall

Capture a special memory and bring it to life for everyone to see!

With this mixed-media project, kids will explore their parents’ memories and then create a project that displays those memories for the world. 

It’s a special time to share memories with your kids and to show them that you’ve lived a life of adventure. The project explores feelings and emotions and helps kids translate them into words. They’ll then use a combination of recycled household items and mixed media materials to make an exciting Radical Recall combination. 


"This is my mums memory. It's not going to be locked in her head anymore. It's going to be on our wall!" Daniel - Student

The Radical Recall project helps kids discover the power of connection, learn to take risks and to experiment, and helps them learn about the value of symbols. Through the step-by-step instructions, kids will be artist-scientsists bringing memories to life. 

Bring your family’s memories to life with Radical Recall! 



Celebrate in Carnival style and take part in the Carnival tradition!

At the end of this imaginative project, students will have their very own Carnival mask that expresses their own individuality. 

It’s a project that teaches the value of staying true to yourself, of being proud of your individuality, and exploring your roots.

We start with creating a mood board -- a common tool that professional artists and designers use to get ideas and gain inspiration. From there, we explore ideas of shape and scale, colour wash techniques and shadow, and then learn new techniques for cutting and assembling a final Carnival mask.

 "To see Sonny express who he is through a mask was just wonderful" - Liz Deacle - Parent

 Show the world your unique self with the Carnival project! 


Why Jarratts?

At Jarratts, our first goal is to ignite in kids the joy of learning.

Our projects always include lessons in problem solving and being challenged, rather than just copying what the teacher is doing. We ask questions for kids to explore rather than asking questions that have a set answer. With those techniques, we teach kids to think for themselves and to tap into their own creativity and curiosity. We believe that when kids’ imaginations are active, they’re better prepared to be flexible and creative adults. 

PS. We make sure that every child feels part of the Jarratt group.  This is key whether a child is tackling a project at home with one parent or in a class of 30.  Join us as we continue to bring stimulating art projects that are always driven by a child's curiosity.  You can get touch with us at any time for additional information.

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