Welcome to CREATIVE LEADERS Unplugged 

The next generation of young creative leaders aged 8-18 years old equipped with the skills and outlook to succeed in a changing world. Focusing on real life international projects linked to an amazing company with specialist coaching in essential skills. Students are part of a small group formed from local schools. The group is exposed to challenges, training and coaching culminating in a presentation based on their live industry brief.


CLU is About

  • Encouraging a global mindset of thinking big
  • An environment based on love, trust and high expectations
  • A safe place that is positive and uplifting
  • Growing your own skills and abilities to stand out from the crowd
  • Flexibility and freedom to explore imagination and try new things
  • Valuing your own individual strengths and the strengths of others
  • Being encouraged and supported to be your best
  • Creating lasting memories of feeling part of a special team
  • Building international connections

"I've been part of an international marketing campaign. How cool is that!

Jess - Age 13

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