Enlightening. More than I expected. So many aspects that brought together our team. Opportunities to know more about each other and myself - Joanne Mada - Teacher

The outstanding setting at longbush, that allowed space for creativity to surface. A team bonding day with a great deal of positive, personal outcomes. Time for fun, collaboration, reflection. Time to re-set the compass. Educational facility that is truly inspiring place for Gisborne. The Jarratts are local treasures. (Judy Nicoll - Principal)

The whole thing is brilliant! The setting, type of activities, starting with partners, then moving into groups, individuals.  Great team building and getting to know everyone. Excellent facility. Great information and knowledge shared - Cherie Richardson - Teacher

Each experience was extended throughout the day. The written activity was great as all the activities had given insight into the life of the Oi and were inclusive of everybody. A lovely learning environment. “A Whole Curriculum” - Cheryl Johnston - Teacher

The whole day was spectacular and I enjoyed the structure of the day. Pete and Ellen provided us with interesting tasks that not only taught us about ourselves but taught us about the Oi and what an amazing North Island mutton bird it is - Tanya Nielsen

Being outside in a beautiful place, experiencing the sounds and sights. Great company, lots of laughs and that feeling of stepping outside of your comfort zone wasn’t that bad at all. Facilitators are incredible - Karen Alder - Teacher

Being with two passionate people in an amazing place. Feeling inspired. Learning new things. Variety of activities that were  individual, paired and grouped. Challenging, motivating, usable. Nic Somerton - Teacher



"I liked the different learning experiences and getting to do things you don’t usually get to do like being in the bush and building the huts."

"I really liked being on Pa hill and you could see everything and tell why it was such a great resting place."

"I liked learning about the olden days"

"It's not just sitting in the classroom doing nothing. Your outdoors building huts, building burrows, your not just drawing it, your making it then presenting it."

"I learnt that the kawakawa plant can numb tooth ache or tummy ache."

"I love all the wildlife and that you can hear everything like the birds"

"You are not trapped in the classroom all day, you are allowed to run wild and free."

"It's nice and peaceful"

"It's outdoors and it's sunny, you're not stuck in a room in front of a screen your actually doing the stuff your learning about and it's outdoors with the sun on you most times."

"I really liked playing in the trees amongst the sheep and cattle.  It was really cool."

"Coming out to Longbush you're involved in everything and doing physical movements rather than not doing anything on the computer."

"I liked collecting all the materials. Being in a group and helping each other." 

"I liked working  in a team and doing things that we are not usually doing."

"I liked finding all the sticks and adventuring into the forest. I learnt how to build a hut and make it strong and steady to stay up"

"I learnt that the Oi bird has four diffferent names, the grey petrel, the mutton bird, titi and the Oi"



"I loved the fact that Freya got the opportunity to learn in such awe inspiring surroundings! She came home with a vast amount of new information to tell me and I'm sure so much of it stuck in her mind due to the learning environment 'fitting' the subject."

"Georgia was just buzzing each day she came home, reeling off everything she had done and learnt. The amount of times I heard "Oh mum it was so cool!". Please do this for parents too I was so jealous and wanted to stay for the experience."

"I talked with Alex about the day and asked about what he would change to improve it and he genuinely said he would change nothing."

"Thanks again for a wonderful two days. Amiria loved it."

"I loved listening to the girls when I picked them up, excitedly chatting away to one another in the back of the car, sharing all the new things they had learnt. They were blown away by the fact a moat had been especially built to protect the Orchid, and that they got to sit in the original Maori pits."

"When he got home he told me that he had had the best day ever and that it exceeded what he thought a good day could be."