Be big. Be bold. Show your colours to the world!

 When you think about Carnival, what comes to mind? For us, Carnival is a time to express one’s flamboyant, colourful side, and to celebrate our differences with the people around us.

"The mask making journey gave students the opportunity to discover their individuality and consider what makes them unique. What makes Jarratts different is that the final piece of art is personal to the child. No two masks look similar".
- Nicole -  New teacher, who wanted to build strong relationships with her year 1 kids and really get to know them.

 Great for a fun challenge at home or as an elaborate unit in a school setting.

 "Our daughter has learnt to jump out of her comfort zone in a supportive and stimulating way. She is proud of what she creates and truly can't wait for Jarratts!" 
- Alicia - Parent who was concerned her daughter was shy around others and lacked confidence.


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Get Prepared

Just a quick reminder of how to use the resources so you are ready and prepared to get creative.

Special Feature: Flick's Facts: Carnival

Flick has been doing some of his own research to help you get the most from your project. Click on the symbol to find out what Flick has to say!

Session 1 : All about me!

Time to begin researching and reflecting who you are and what you love? Fly away in search of your very own collection of treasures. Find your own individual style and layout as Ellen and Bo show you how to create a mood board full of inspiration.

Session 2 : Mini Me

Begin exploring ideas for your carnival mask and show us who you are. Find out how artists get started using a viewfinder. Find designs within a design.

Session 3 : Mega Me

Time to start making decisions. We are going to take the mini into the mighty and jump up in scale. Watch your designs transform both in size and layout.  Learn to see change as a positive thing  as you plan/draw out your final design.  Think big, be big and be bold!

Session 4 : Shape up

Explore shape and scale as you begin personalising your masks and making them even more unique.  Time to be brave and go even bigger in design as you start to move outside of the boundaries.

Session 5 : Stand Strong

Take your mask to a new three dimensional level. Learn new skills and techniques when it comes to cutting and assembling shapes for your final mask. Be assured a little hard work really does go along way to giving you outstanding results.

Session 6 : Carnival Colour

Every carnival mask needs carnival colour to give it that extra 'Pizazz'.  Learn the importance colour plays and how it can be used to bring your mask to life.  Delight in new skills and techniques, creating colour washes, shadows and careful detail giving you spectacular results. 

Session 7 : Precious Gems

Lets take it one step further as Ellen and Bo share their secrets in how to make your mask a masterpiece. Time to fly back to the nest to gather your shiny, sparkly, precious gems as you begin those all important finishing touches!

Session 8 : Bring it on

Well it's what we've all been waiting for. Time to put our beautiful creations together. Learn about the important steps in finalising your design layout and watch carefully as Ellen and Bo show you how to stand out in a crowd!

Session 9 : Celebrate

Lets Celebrate! Join the rest of the Jarratt students. Its time to put on your very own Carnival. Turn up the music, bring out the whistles and lets show the world who we are! 

Carnival Certificate

Upload a picture of the mask in your personal admin panel and write a wonderful comment about the creator.  We have designed an automated eye catching certificate that highlights all the skills learnt through this project.  Of course it comes with the Jarratt certified golden stamp.