Radical Recall




Play the moments, pause the memories and rewind the happiness with the Radical Recall challenge. A great way to 'bring together emotions' of all the family

"This is my mums memory. It's not going to be locked away in her head anymore. It's going on our wall for everyone to see".
Daniel age 8 - Student whose parents believed was 'Not Arty' and prefered working alone. 


With the Radical Recall challenge, we're helping kids, families and teachers work together. Creating a meaningful piece of artwork which has a personal story for everyone. 
"We learnt together from each other".
Jonathan - Deputy Principal who classed himself as 'mathematically minded'. He felt he was letting his students down by not being creative and had no idea where to begin. 

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Get Prepared

Just a quick reminder of how to use the resources so you are ready and prepared to get creative.

Special Feature: Flick's Facts: Radical Recall

Flick has been doing some of his own research to help you get the most from your project. Click on the symbol to find out what Flick has to say!

Session 1 : Art Detective

Learn to be an art detective and use your skills to investigate a project with a difference.  From questioning to listening you will undertake a mission to gather evidence of a memory to bring back to life. Be guided by Ellen and Bo until you’re ready to go solo.


Session 2 : Find Your Feelings

Discover how to match feelings and emotions to lines and colour. Using shape and patterns you will start to bring your happy memory to life again. Learn how expressive lines can capture words and how these words can be turned into colour for your artwork.

Session 3 : Art Masterchef

Time to let your mind go and your hands do the work as you experiment with creative combos. Just like a chef you will learn to mix and match to create a new dish of your own (not to eat though!). Learn to relax with things changing and not going completely to plan. The best creations have come from this approach so go and have some individual creative fun.

Session 4 : Collage Kitchen

After all that experimenting it’s time to create the main dish. Learn how artists use viewfinders to explore what things would look like on a large scale. Find out what collage is and how it’s going to play a major part in your final creation. Join the Jarratt students as they use their new art recipe to discover and celebrate as together you move up in scale.

Session 5 : Time Travellers

Go back in time to the special memory as you replay the event. You will be shown how to turn visual imagery into your own design. Discover the power of symbols and how they give an artist a chance to simply explore design development. Learn a step by step design process that helps you get started with any creation.

Special Feature: Flick's Facts: Symbols

Flick has been doing some of his own research to help you get the most from your project. Click on the symbol to find out what Flick has to say!

Session 6 : Big and Bold

Selecting your favourite design you will be shown how this transforms into your final design. Ideas become reality as your final piece takes shape.

Session 7 : Panel Painting Party

You need a background that shows off your design. Learn about what colours go well together and which ones don’t. Discover how an artist can use both combinations to their advantage. Learn about the colour wheel and how it is an artist’s best friend. Be guided through brush techniques to create a wash of colour.

Session 8 : Creative Cuts

Cutting and sticking as we delve into composition, size and scale. Join the Jarratt students as you mix and overlap to create 3D effects. Also discover the Jarratt’s version of fair trade.

Session 9 : Fun With Font

To compliment your fantastic design you are going to create a description so everyone can be taken on a journey down memory lane. Playing with text and shapes you will shown how to create a panel that also uses all your newly learnt skills.

Session 10 : Loud and Proud

Time to showcase your masterpiece. Ellen and Bo will show you how to assemble and exhibit your work for everyone to see. Celebrate with the Jarratt students and see what they have achieved. Join Ellen and Bo as you recap on your new skills.

Radical Recall Certificate

Upload a picture of the mixed media piece in your personal admin panel and write a wonderful comment about the creator.  We have designed an automated eye catching certificate that highlights all the skills learnt through this project.  Of course it comes with the Jarratt certified golden stamp.