Totally Totem




Join us in a huge cultural celebration,  building your very own totem! 

"This was a great way to learn hands on, motivating the kids to really connect with the world around them." 
Daryll - Deputy Principal looking for a project to engage her year 5 and 6 boys.

This project is all about having a fun and fearless approach to creativity. Exploring other cultures and new ways of working. Celebrating our differences and recognising that all though on the outside we may look and act differently, under the skin we are all brothers and sisters.

Your imagination will reach new heights as we unite and stand proud! 

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Get Prepared

Just a quick reminder of how to use the resources so you are ready and prepared to get creative.

Special feature: Flick's Facts about Totems

Flick has been doing some of his own research to help you get the most from your project. Click on the symbol to find out what Flick has to say!

1: From the Roots Up

Time to begin researching  and learning about other cultures. let us take you on a journey of your own, exploring other ways of storytelling. Gather  ideas for yourself from the past and  bring them into the present.

2: Branch Out

Begin exploring possible ideas for your totem and show us your front and sides, as we move into design development. Value any differences as designs come together. 

3 part 1: Mini to Master

Roll up those ideas and transform them into a mini marvel!  Watch your designs unfold both in shape and size as your final design is firmly planted.  

3 part 2: Think like a Carver

Think like a carver, big, bold and stand proud as your totem takes shape.

4 part 1: What a relief!

Explore shape and scale as you begin building your totem using a variety of construction techniques.  There are no boundaries as we twist ahead, lifting our designs off the ground.

4 part 2: Pillow Party

Plenty of air, a smooth firm finish and you have everything in place for those round finishing touches.  

4 part 3: Pillow Pinch

Pull your shapes together, as Ellen shows you how to make a home for those quirky little shapes that don't always fit! 

4 part 4: Fly High

Take your totem to a new three dimensional level. Learn new skills and techniques when it comes to cutting and assembling shapes for your final totem.  

5: Stick Around

Time to get sticky as you really see a difference as your totems come together for ever. 

6: Wrap Up

Totems are built up over time just like a tree grows layers of bark. Get your totem ready for its next layer, applying and understanding the importance of colour.

7: Golden times

Every totem  needs natural colour to give it its true beauty. learn about the importance colour plays and how it can be used to bring your totem to life. Delight in new skills and techniques, creating perfect tones, shadows and details with  illuminating results.

8: Stand Strong

Time to make your  totems shine. Follow Ellen as she shows you how to make sure they stand strong, protecting  them for many years to come.

9: Join Creative Forces

Finally time to stand proud and showcase your work for everyone to see. Stack your totems one on top of the other. Celebrate our differences,  uniting the countries and cultures, as we bring them together as one!

10: Certificate Time

You deserve it and you've earnt it! Upload a picture of the totem creation in your personal admin panel and write a wonderful comment about the creator.  We have designed an automated eye catching certificate that highlights all the skills learnt through this project.  Of course it comes with the Jarratt certified golden stamp.