Wearable Creations




Spark kids’ creativity and awaken their imaginations with this fun, wearable recycled art challenge.

"Remember a childhood filled with freedom to explore? Climbing tree's, swimming in rivers, building things out of stuff, wondering what would happen if? That's Jarratts. An environment where your kids can look at the world around them with wonder and excitement at what might be".
- Gregor - Parent wishing his son would tap into his own imagination and become open to new ways of seeing things.

The Wearable Creations challenge, magically transforms children into knights, fairies, nymphs, goblins, or any magical creatures born from their boundless imagination.With the Wearable Creations project, what was once only a pile of materials headed for the recycling bin will suddenly become the stuff of dreams and fantasies.

Encourage your childrens’ originality and innovation with this super fun challenge!

"These young children have so much to offer and with your guidance the room was alive!"  
- Sharon Allen -  Grandmother who was concerned her granddaughter felt she 'didn't fit'.

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Get Prepared

Just a quick reminder of how to use the resources so you are ready and prepared to get creative.

Special Feature: Flick's Facts: Wearable Creations

Flick has been doing some of his own research to help you get the most from your project. Click on the symbol to find out what Flick has to say about recycling!

Session 1 : Four Wishes

Experience the world of the magical and mythical, gathering inspiration and ideas. Develop ideas for your own magical creature parts and await instructions from Bo as she grants you your 4 wishes before continuing your journey.

Session 2 : Special Powers

Time to be Inventive and Creative with your ideas, as you continue through to the design process, bringing your magical creature to life. Breath sounds, movement and special powers into them as you are transported to a special land.

Session 3 : Magical Master

Stand back and hold tight as we transform your magical creature into a piece of wearable art. Using our 'jarratt creative pages' follow us in creating your own unique designs for any part of the body you like.

Session 4 : Moving Onto Making Part One

Bring out the materials and get ready as Ellen shows you some simple starting points when making for the head, hand or arm.  It couldn't be easier as you are shown inspirational ideas from some of our Jarratt students. Roll your sleeves up and get ready to delve into the land of recycling. 

Session 5 : Moving Onto Making Part Two

Keep the lid off the recycling wide open and get ready as Ellen shows you some more simple starting points when making for the tummy, back and leg. You will have so much fun as you explore the possibilities.

Session 6 : Magical Mix Part One

Mix up the cauldron with a bubbling mix of ideas for feathers and snakes, tails and textures. Watch carefully as Ellen shows you some ideas to get started and how you too can add your own creative combinations.

Session 7 : Magical Mix Part Two

Continue Mixing up the cauldron with a bubbling mix of ideas for hanging/moving parts, shapes and patterns, horns and spikes. Watch carefully as Ellen shows you some ideas to get started and how you too can add your own creative combinations.

Session 8 : Cover Me Crazy

Need your creation to stand out from the crowd?  Time to identify your creature with their own unique colours and patterns. Create a colour coat that reflects your creature and it's own individual style that is guaranteed to stick.

Session 9 : Become Your Creature

Invite everyone you can think of to your own magical land, as they see you showcase your piece of wearable art. Gain tips from both Ellen and Bo showing you how to introduce your creations. Be sure to warn people of their special powers as you become your creature. Join the Jarratts for a special reminder as they recap the important new skills you have learnt along the way. 

Wearable Creations Certificate

Upload a picture of the Wearable Creation in your personal admin panel and write a wonderful comment about the creator.  We have designed an automated eye catching certificate that highlights all the skills learnt through this project.  Of course it comes with the Jarratt certified golden stamp.