Creative Challenges for Schools & Community Groups

Creativity is not an optional part of kids education.

It’s crucial to their development!

For those teachers who believe they haven’t got a creative bone in their body, its time for a rethink. Tap into something already inside of you and your students.

We champion the view that every child has natural talents that will always flourish if given the opportunity and this goes for teachers too.

Creative kids can put their academic skills to the greatest use.  They can reflect upon themselves and the world around them.  They develop an outlook of self-inquiry. They also develop their own voice to develop ideas and define their world. They need you to be a part of this story!

A creative online programme inspired by the world around us

We definitely understand the pressures that teachers experience which is why we offer everything needed to enhance creativity in the classroom. A series of creative challenges designed for teachers, students and parents to work alongside each other. Challenges are linked to the curriculum, encompassing storytelling, reading, and creative writing aspects, scientific concepts and pattern recognition.  Designed to be flexible enough to suit any teacher and group of students. Every school is different and has its own set of challenges and strengths. We provide the framework in which schools can tailor our creative challenges to make them their own. 

"We really don’t need to look to finland, japan or even google for inspiration in fostering creative minds. Its about looking around us, looking within, and connecting with each other". Peter Jarratt - Co-founder

Empower your students, let them see the real you inside, let your guard down – be open and willing to try new things and foster positive attitudes to learning, empathy and cooperation. When this prevails, children will grow and develop fully.   

Nurturing this creativity, imagination and expression can enhance the learning experience for all.

 "Really Innovative. It gets the kids thinking, improves self confidence and gets the creative juices flowing. I would strongly recommend Jarratts to anyone". Michelle - Parent & Teacher



In a not too distant past Before the days terms like enquiry- based learning or modern learning environments became common place all the conditions were right for nurturing a childs curiosity. At Jarratts, we’ve been developing innovative projects for over a decade. People now call us “creativity in a package.”

We have a reputation for delivering practical, engaging experiences that can help to inspire divergent thinking and the use of imagination. With fun and engaging creative challenges that guide teachers, students and parents through a design process, allowing opportunities to identify individual strengths and expand upon them. We provide teachers support and confidence to increase the creativity in their classrooms. Parents, meanwhile, get the chance to share in their child’s creative journey. 

"This programme allows enough freedom for interest based choice but maintains a structure that is easily managed.  There is a good balance between teaching, suggesting and encouraging creativity.  We learnt together from each other. It wasn't a one way street". -  Jonathan McDonald - DP Pompallier Catholic School

"The Jarratts are exceptionally gifted educators with a fine track record".  - Dame Anne Salmond



We help enrich partnerships with parents, family and the wider community. Our programmes are focused on celebrating the creative experiences and successes for each child. Our projects are meaningful and have a strong connection with place, belonging, self-discovery and personal identity for all students.

"Instead of the ‘one off’ art that we often do at school, Jarratts takes the children on a journey and because of this, children seem to have a real sense of ownership over their art. It has a ‘story’ for them". -  Sue Mcvey - DP Wainui Beach School



Our termly educational teaching packages set high expectations that are linked to the curriculum. We encourage flexibility in stand-alone lessons or integrated into a cross-curricular approach. Our delivery models quality, inquiry-based learning through a clear process and exciting scenarios. Our programs serve as a motivational tool that allows students to work both independently and together to develop new approaches. We also provide a series of valuable PD sessions, ensuring you are ready for creative action. 

We have also introduced a new feature to give potential curriculum links for each project.  'Flick' will provide opportunities for further integrated/inquiry based learning. 




Our programmes provide clear, concise instruction that follow a manageable design process. No matter where you are in the process, the projects will be easy and accessible for students to keep a visual track of their progress and achievements. Need an e-portfolio for school? Our projects are ideal. They’re also reinforced with personal certifications for each child to receive upon completion. We also offer restricted teacher access so teachers can make comments and add personalised images. 



We use an individual’s creativity to develop the skills and outlooks that they need to be successful in their life. Opportunities are identified and projects are structured to strengthen Key Competencies.  

"The mask making journey gave students the opportunity to discover their individualities and consider what makes them unique. What makes Jarratt’s different, is that the final piece of art is personal to the child. No two masks look similar".  Nicole - Teacher

“Enhances the classroom treaty.”  - Tim - Teacher




Jarratts is compatible to operate on PC’s, tablets and smartphones.  Web interface uses trusted technology also used by the BBC.  High Definition videos hosted on a powerful server with universal player.  Our projects are ready to assign with login, password protection and multi-level access.  Provides teacher access to upload comments and image at any  time or place.  Downloadable PDF teaching resources to accompany each project.

"Programme is easy to follow and the website set up is excellent. The videos introduce each session really well, including really detailed skills teaching". 

"The students get a ‘buzz’ when it is Jarratts time. They find the videos fun and easy to watch and as a teacher I find them clear and easy to follow. They have  helped me to become more confident in teaching different skills". Nick  - Teacher


"Students want instructors to have expertise and a passion for the subject.  When this is coupled with a teacher being free to interact with every student then the joy of learning really takes place and creative magic really does happen." - Peter Jarratt - Co-founder of Jarratt Create & Educate


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