For either creative teachers or those teachers who believe they haven’t got a creative bone in their body, its time for a rethink. Tap into something already inside of you and your students.

We champion the view that every child has natural talents that will always flourish if given the opportunity and this goes for teachers too.

Creative kids can put their academic skills to the greatest use.  They can reflect upon themselves and the world around them.  They develop an outlook of self-inquiry. They also develop their own voice to develop ideas and define their world.

START YOUR CHALLENGE and follow 3 simple steps:
  • SELECT 'START UP PACK' if you are new to running art projects with kids OR skip straight to selecting a challenge.
  • CLICK on an image to be taken to your challenge.
  • ACTIVATE your selected challenge through your school/group contact or by contacting us direct.


  • Start Up Pack
      Welcome to our introductory pack. We will take you through the process of setting up for success. Perfect for parents/teachers that are new to running and managing creative projects.
  • Carnival
      INDIVIDUALITY CHALLENGE: Be big. Be bold. Show your colours to the world!  When you think about Carnival, what comes to mind? For us, Carnival is a time to express one’s flamboyant, colourful side, and to celebrate our differences with the people around us.
  • Radical Recall
      CONNECTIONS CHALLENGE: Play the moments, pause the memories and rewind the happiness with the Radical Recall challenge. A great way to 'bring together emotions' of all the family! 
  • Wearable Creations
      INNOVATION CHALLENGE: Spark kids’ creativity and awaken their imaginations with this fun, wearable recycled art challenge.
  • Totally Totem
      CULTURAL CHALLENGE: Join us in a huge cultural celebration,  building your very own totem!