Out of this World



Watch the video. Magical and mythical creatures, brought to life with recycled materials and a huge dose of creativity, walking the catwalk.  We know we were asking the biggest ask from a large percentage of the kids as you know public appearances are up there with ultimate fears.  Our philosophy is that Jarratts is a family and we support each other to grow.  Behind the scenes other kids older and younger were giving encouragement so each student knew they were in this together.  With that kind of awhi and aroha anything is possible.  The real amazing thing is we ask our adult leaders to take risks, be vunerable and inspire yet many will be lacking when things get tough.  All the kids last night had the opportunity to back out and not one did. Facing their fears just got a little easier.  We do set the bar high for our students but the world needs future leaders that are brave and courageous.  These students proved they are the future leaders!