Welcome to WILD Lab Tiaki Taiao

Our pioneering partnership with the Waikereu Ecological Trust, to build a community of artist-scientists, using curiosity to explore together the world of Longbush and beyond. Set in the internationally renowned Longbush Eco Sanctuary the ‘ark in the bush’ has arisen through the creativity and innovation of the people involved. The present and future magic of Longbush is continually developed by combining creativity with ancestral knowledge and leading science.

Based in the award winning Welcome Shelter artist-scientists are involved in multi-sensory activities and challenges. Everyone is encouraged to be curious and free to let their imaginations run wild.  Exposed to new opportunities, new ways of seeing, engaged cognitively, emotionally and sensually. 

Fun and engaging creative exploration workshops,  Time to strengthen your own imagination and ideas, taking traditional, practical methods and techniques into the 'New' through a series of creative challenges. 



  • Have fun and freedom to explore and connect with nature
  • Learn in a style that suits you 
  • Value and learn traditional methods skills and techniques
  • Imagine, create and express an individual response of the world around you
  • Build strong positive relationships with people and nature
  • Create lasting memories
  • 'Look up', be free from phones and devices!

"I arrived feeling nervous about meeting new people and what the learning would be like. Now I really don't want to leave this magical place and my friends who I trust and feel comfortable to share my ideas with." 

Te Paia - Age 12

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"Remember when you had freedom to explore? Climbing tree's, swimming in rivers, building things out of stuff, wondering what would happen if...? That's WILD Lab. An environment where you can look at the world around you with wonder at what might be!" - Gregor Ross

Question: Want to feel WILD and FREE?  Want to reconnect with your passion? Want time out for yourself ? Want to get creative? Want to escape your phone?

Answer = YES.  It's time to Escape with the BIG KIDS  

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"The Jarratts are inspiring."

- Darylle Lawler - Deputy Principal - Makauri School

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