Jarratts Creative Challenges

A growth space for kids that think outside the box. Freedom to explore imagination and creativity.  


Top 10 things Jarratts do for a child:

  • Recognise, value & celebrate them as an individual
  • Give them confidence
  • Develop a love for learning in a style that suits them
  • Allow them to succeed and be proud of their accomplishments
  • Build strong positive relationships
  • Bring them closer to the world around them
  • Encourage and support them to step outside of their comfort zone
  • Leave them feeling passionate & inspired to take on new challenges
  • Give them freedom to explore new things for themselves
  • Open up a whole set of new ideas & approaches


"Dreamweavers, finding the gift in every child". - NZ Life & Leisure Magazine

item Create
item Educate
item Inspire


Supported, utilised and highly recommended by forward thinking organisations, teachers, parents and children. We've worked long and hard with the world experts in innovation and creative thinking to give your kids a fun experience that grows their confidence in creative skills and beyond.

"Really Innovative. It gets the kids thinking, improves self confidence and gets the creative juices flowing. I would strongly recommend Jarratts to anyone". Michelle - Parent